Battling Cancer Is a Family Fight

Battling Cancer Is a Family Fight

After seeing her mother and grandmother fight cancer, Kathleen’s

daughter, Erin Hardifer, decided to get the BRCA test. Her result

was also positive. With two young daughters of her own, Erin

went to Dr. Camal for a voluntary double mastectomy, with

immediate reconstruction by plastic surgeon Asaad Samra, M.D.,

FACS, of Bayshore.

Kathleen has resumed her busy career and is

back to doing her favorite activities. Erin, 30, is in the final stages of the reconstruction

process with Dr. Samra.

“This has been a scary and life-changing journey, and I don’t believe I would have

gotten through it without Dr. Samra and my family,” says Erin. “I’d never felt

comfortable walking into a doctor’s office until I met Dr. Samra.

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