Super Bowl Sunday Samra Style

Super Bowl Sunday Samra Style


All of us at Samra Plastic Surgery are excited for the big game this Sunday. Here are some fun and delicious things we’ll be doing with our family and friends. We hope you find them inspiring and wish you a great game.

The 6 foot nacho. Yeah baby!


Super Bowl Bingo is sure to keep the kids involved.


Can’t forget dessert! This easy-to-make football cake will be a crowd pleaser. Made with a 9×13″ rectangular cake pan and a football cake pan or oval cake pan. If you don’t have either of those, use a 10″ round cake pan. Take the cake out of the pan. Cut a 2-inch strip from the middle of the cake and remove it. Put the remaining halves of the cake together to form a football. With a knife, you can bevel the top edges of the cake to give it dimension.


Vanquish the Fat Around Your Mid Section

Vanquish the Fat Around Your Mid Section

Cosmetic Spa Vanquish

It sounds too good to be true but there is a breakthrough in non-invasive fat removal that targets the mid-section. In addition, it’s FDA-cleared and never touches the skin.

It’s called Vanquish™ and it destroys fat while tightening the skin, fast!

If you desire a smaller waistline without the cost and recovery time of surgery, Vanquish may be right for you.

It costs around $500 per treatment. The recommended number of treatments is 4 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks and patients have reported results as soon as a few days later.

Treatments take about 45 minutes in the office. Vanquish uses selective radio frequency energy to create heat. The temperature increases to apoptic levels or levels that “alter the fat cell” while the surrounding tissue remains protected. That “compromised fat cell” is no longer viable. The body flushes the dead fat cells out of the body naturally to help slim the abs, belly and love handles.

Fat cells don’t multiply. They get bigger or smaller. Since Vanquish destroys fat cells, they won’t come back. And, it’s safe!