Dr. Asaad Samra’s Surgery Featured in Meridian Health Views Magazine

Dr. Asaad Samra’s Surgery Featured in Meridian Health Views Magazine

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“Linda is the perfect example of taking control of the diagnosis,” says Dr. Samra. “We created a reconstruction plan that was aggressive, but perfect for how she lives her life. It was important to her to get back to work as soon as possible and we did everything we could to safely support her wishes.”


Battling Cancer Is a Family Fight

Battling Cancer Is a Family Fight

Breast Reconstruction Plastic Surgeon Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

After seeing her mother and grandmother fight cancer, Kathleen’s

daughter, Erin Hardifer, decided to get the BRCA test. Her result

was also positive. With two young daughters of her own, Erin

went to Dr. Camal for a voluntary double mastectomy, with

immediate reconstruction by plastic surgeon Asaad Samra, M.D.,

FACS, of Bayshore.

Kathleen has resumed her busy career and is

back to doing her favorite activities. Erin, 30, is in the final stages of the reconstruction

process with Dr. Samra.

“This has been a scary and life-changing journey, and I don’t believe I would have

gotten through it without Dr. Samra and my family,” says Erin. “I’d never felt

comfortable walking into a doctor’s office until I met Dr. Samra.

Dr. Asaad H. Samra and his Team Successfully Perform the First Free Tissue (Flap) Breast Reconstruction in Bayshore Community Hospital

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Asaad H. Samra led the Samra Plastic Surgery team in successfully performing the first free-tissue (flap) breast reconstruction in Bayshore Community Hospital!

In this surgery skin and fat from the lower abdomen was transplanted to create a breast. With the use of a microscope small blood vessels were connected together to reestablish blood flow. This is one of several different ways that breast reconstruction is done by the surgeons in our practice.

If you or your loved ones have any questions about breast reconstruction please give us a call or visit our website.

Raritan Bay Medical Center’s HealthNavigator 12/1/2013 Podcast featuring Clare Schuld, Dr. Nina Regevik and Dr. Salem Samra

Breast Reconstruction Free Tissue Transfer Flaps

HealthNavigator aired a radio show on December 1, 2013 featuring Raritan Bay Medical Center’s Clare Schuld, Dr. Nina Regevik and Dr. Salem Samra. The radio show is Health Navigator on WOR 710 AM News and Talk Radio.

Dr. Salem Samra spoke on the radio Sunday night about breast reconstruction, free tissue transfer, and his work with the Syrian American Medical Society. Dr. Samra’s segment picks up at 37:37.

Here is the podcast that aired 12/1/2013 featuring Clare Schuld, Dr. Nina Regevik and Dr. Salem Samra.

Identical Twins Share Breast Cancer, Rare Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

Identical twins Kelly McCarthy and Kristen Maurer have shared a lot in their lives so when one was diagnosed with breast cancer, she urged the other to get tested, too.

“You just do everything together, don’t you,” the doctor told Maurer before delivering the bad news that she, too, had the disease.

Now the 34-year-old twins from Crown Point, Ind., are sharing a medical rarity: Maurer donated skin and fat tissue for McCarthy’s breast reconstruction.

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Patients find hope in plastic surgery after breast cancer

Breast Reconstruction

Many mastectomy patients consider reconstruction surgery following breast cancer treatment, but oftentimes, it’s not a decision made lightly. Undergoing breast reconstruction surgery not only presents a major change to your lifestyle, but can also affect one’s body and mentality. However, by working closely with oncologists, plastic surgeons are helping breast cancer patients find new life and dignity in the wake of their intensive treatments.

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