Dr. Salem Samra Recently Published in Hand Surgery Journal

Dr. Salem Samra Recently Published in Hand Surgery Journal

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Dr. Salem Samra was recently published in the October 2016 edition of the Journal of Hand Surgery (Asian-Pacific Volume). The study involves children born with extra fingers (polydactyly) and how best to treat them. Dr. Samra designed the study and is the first author on the paper.

“Having a child born with this deformity can be a very traumatic experience for parents and there has not been a clear consensus among hand surgeons or pediatricians on the best treatment approach,” said Dr. Samra. “This study helps both parents and doctors better understand the treatment options available to correct the deformity and select a procedure that’s best for the affected child.”

The study is available for download in PDF format by clicking here.

Dr. Samra Now Board Certified in Surgery of the Hand

Dr. Samra Now Board Certified in Surgery of the Hand

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Dr. Salem Samra has just become double board certified! In addition to being Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Samra recently became Board Certified in Surgery of the Hand by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To be eligible for board certification in surgery of the hand, a surgeon must be board certified in orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, or general surgery and have completed a fellowship in hand surgery. If these requirements have been met, the hand surgeon submits a list of cases collected over a 15-month period to the Board for review. If the cases demonstrate that the surgeon has performed the full spectrum of hand surgery in his practice and the case list is approved, the surgeon is eligible to sit for a rigorous four-hour written examination that tests his or her fund of knowledge and understanding in the field of hand surgery. Dr. Salem Samra has completed all requirements and passed the exam, placing him in a select group of plastic surgeons nationwide who have attained this distinctive achievement. Dr. Samra is thrilled to be able to offer his patients the highest level of care and expertise in the practice of plastic and hand surgery. ​Read more about Dr. Salem Samra now…

Dr. Salem Samra and his Team Successfully Perform the First Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release at Bayshore Community Hospital NJ

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Hand Surgery

We are proud to announce that lead surgeon Dr. Salem Samra and his team successfully performed the first endoscopic carpal tunnel release in the history of Bayshore Community Hospital recently.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Endoscopic Surgery is highly effective and has been used for more than 20 years. It results in less post-operative pain, a minimal scar concealed by a wrist crease, and generally allows patients to resume some normal activities in a short period of time.

Learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome and this minimally invasive approach to carpal tunnel surgery at http://www.mycarpaltunnel.org

Handy tips to keep your hands looking youthful

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When people talk about the first signs of aging they noticed, they typically say they were shocked to see new wrinkles forming on their face. However, if you spend time scrutinizing your hands, you may find that they have visible wrinkles and sunspots long before any other part of the body.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your hands stay youthful as long as possible.

Read more here.