1. ModYourBod
Developed by Navin Singh, MD, FACS, of Ivy Plastic Surgery Associates in Washington, DC, this is an interactive iPhone app that lets users upload a photo of themselves and make adjustments to see potential results of aesthetic surgery. This app helps you make informed, smart decisions about your surgical procedure. ModYourBod is a smart, easy step toward living, looking, and feeling your best.

2. The Plastic Show : Before and After Plastic Surgery
This app brings you a collection of the best YouTube videos about plastic surgery. Users can also connect with patients that have had plastic surgery procedures to discuss expectations, results and more.

3. iLipo
iLipo interactive iPhone app gives you a preview of the results you’ll experience with any procedure, from liposuction to facial contouring to rhinoplasty. With just a few clicks of your mobile device, you can perform "virtual plastic surgery" on photos of yourself, request a price quote, call Dr. Tehrani’s office, or send an email requesting a virtual or live consultation with Dr. Tehrani to learn more about your surgical enhancement options.

4. RealSelf
RealSelf provides users with real life examples of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. The app includes over 8000 images of before and after photos of individuals who have undergone various procedures.

5. FaceShifter
"FaceShifter" is a Virtual Face Shifting Application which can change faces parts like Hair, Eyes, Nose and Mouth in a simple slide. You can upload your own photo, and swap new facial features, including giving yourself a virtual facial liposuction.

6. Dr. Meger
Dr. Robert Meger is a surgeon you can put your confidence in to hold the highest medical standards because of his extensive medical training and on-going medical memberships.

7. BodyPlastika
Designed by Think Basis Inc., BodyPlastika allows you to see what you’d look like by molding your face to simulate the results of a wide range of surgical cosmetic procedures. Users simply upload a photo form their iPhone photo album and use the app to test out various cosmetic procedures. It’s a great tool to help you show your desired results to your plastic surgeon.

8. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Designed by VisibleApps on behalf of The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery , the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery app provides patients with information regarding how to choose the right surgeon, cosmetic surgery procedures and also provides a glossary of plastic surgery terms. You can also browse a comprehensive glossary of plastic surgery terms as well as contact The Society.

9. Scalpel
Developed by Two Enterprises, Scalpel – Plastic Surgeon Edition is designed specifically for plastic surgeons to help them access specialized medical calculators. It is also the only iPhone app that offers the Schnur scale. It allows surgeons to enter patient information in metric or US units.

10. Plastic Surgery
Designed by SkyZipper LLC, the app features an easy-to-use interface that features flash cards that provide information about popular procedures. An encyclopedia for all things related to plastic surgery, Plastic Surgery, provides information about various plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.