What is Arthritis?

Arthritis of the hand can manifest in many locations. Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, commonly occurs at the base of the thumb, resulting in debilitating pain. The trapezium (a bone in the wrist) and the thumb metacarpal (a bone in the hand) lose their normal relationship as cartilage wears down, and when the two bones make contact with each other a grinding, aching, pain can occur. This can prevent people from using their hands to perform basic daily activities, such as opening jars.

Other degenerative arthritic conditions of the wrist can occur from remote traumas and undiagnosed ligament or bone injuries. As normal joint relationships break down and the arthritic process progresses, pain worsens. Finally rheumatoid arthritis, a specific type of chronic progressive arthritis that affects the whole body, has specific manifestations in the hand that can disrupt normal joint and tendon relationships.


At Samra Plastic Surgery in Monmouth County we offer patients both nonoperative and operative treatments for arthritis of the hand. For basilar joint arthritis in the thumb, we offer a procedure called a CMC arthroplasty using the Mini-tightrope. This technique is less invasive than traditional approaches and allows for quicker rehabilitation of the hand. Click here to learn more about the mini-tightrope.


See our patient's pain-free, restored range of motion post-op thumb CMC arthoplasty: