Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

What is Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction?

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An oncoplastic breast reconstruction is a surgery performed on the breasts after a lumpectomy for breast cancer to improve the shape and appearance of the breast. This type of breast reconstruction is typically reserved for patients who have large breasts and would benefit from a breast reduction. This is typically performed at the time of the lumpectomy, but can also be planned to occur between lumpectomy and radiation treatment to the breast.

What are the benefits of an oncoplastic breast reconstruction?

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction allows a patient with large breasts to pursue breast conservation therapy while maximizing the aesthetic outcome the breasts. Similar to undergoing a breast reduction, this procedure will allow you to have a smaller, lifted, and more cosmetically pleasing breast shape. This can not only improve your self-image, but can have a very significant impact on shoulder and back pain, as well as other symptoms that are improved by a breast reduction.


Am I a good candidate for an oncoplastic breast reconstruction?

Good candidates for an oncoplastic breast reconstruction are women who can safely have a lumpectomy to successfully manage their breast cancer. Furthermore, if your breasts are large enough that you would benefit from a breast reduction and if you have no prior history of radiation treatment to the breasts, you may be a good candidate for an oncoplastic breast reconstruction. Schedule your consultation today to have a discussion with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.


How is an oncoplastic breast reduction performed?

Oncoplastic breast reduction is usually done at the time of lumpectomy in a combined procedure with your oncologic breast surgeon and your plastic surgeon. The breast surgeon will typically perform their part of the procedure first, removing the cancer from the breast and trying to ensure a clear surgical margin to avoid a recurrence. One of our board-certified plastic surgeons will then lift and reshape the breast to give it a more aesthetic appearance.

What is an oncoplastic breast reconstruction recovery like?

Oncoplastic breast reconstructions are a very well tolerated surgery with minimal downtime. It is an outpatient surgery, where you will go home the same day of surgery. You can expect to have some pain for a few days, and you will be limited in getting back to full activity for a couple of weeks. Similar to a breast reduction, patients who have an oncoplastic breast reconstruction heal well and feel great quickly.



What will the scarring look like?

Similar to a breast reduction, scarring patterns will depend on the current size and shape of your breasts. Typically, scars are either in a “lollipop” pattern for a vertical reduction, or in an “anchor” pattern for a wise pattern reduction. Schedule your consultation today to have a discussion with one of our board-certified* plastic surgeons about the details of your reconstruction.

Can my breasts also be lifted during an oncoplastic breast reconstruction?

Yes! An oncoplastic breast reconstruction reduces the size and improves the shape of the breast after your breast surgeon performs a lumpectomy. A big part of improving the shape of the breast is lifting the breast into a more youthful position.



Will insurance cover my oncoplastic breast reconstruction? 

Typically, surgeries on the breast after a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer are covered by your insurance company. There is a federal law requiring insurance companies to cover breast surgeries for patients who undergo mastectomy. This also applies to any balancing procedures that are being performed on the unaffected breast to improve symmetry!

Why should I have my oncoplastic breast reconstruction performed at Samra Plastic Surgery?

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons have trained at the best programs in the country, including the top cancer hospitals, and are very experienced in performing this type of breast reconstruction. We will work closely with your breast surgeon who is removing the cancer to give you the best possible outcome and maximize your patient experience.



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