A New Technique Designed to Restore Sensation after a Mastectomy.

What is Resensation®?

Breast reconstruction always focused on restoring aesthetic appearance. Samra Plastic Surgery, is one of the select plastic surgery practices in the United States offering a groundbreaking surgical technique that can help women feel again after a mastectomy.

Breast tissue is removed during a mastectomy. This severs the nerves that provide feeling to the breast, skin and nipple.  Resensation is a highly advanced surgical technique that now gives women the potential to restore feeling. It is an additional step that can be performed during free flap (autologous) breast reconstruction, which uses your own tissue to create soft, natural-looking breasts.

Loss of breast sensation can affect body image, emotional well-being and intimacy. With Resensation, women may no longer have to accept that their reconstructed breasts will be permanently numb.

How does Resensation work?

During free flap breast reconstruction surgery, uses allograft nerve tissue to reconnect the nerves in the chest to those in the flap tissue. Over time, this guides regrowth of nerve fibers and can lead to sensory restoration to the breast tissue.



Who is a candidate for Resensation?

You may be a candidate if you are considering autologous breast reconstruction using a free flap, such as DIEP flap surgery. Breast neurotization with Resensation can be performed with any free flap surgery, including both immediate and delayed reconstructions.

Resensation is not possible for women who have implant reconstruction. However, it can be part of a secondary reconstruction surgery to replace implants with your body’s natural tissue.



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