(Congenital Hand Deformity)

What is Syndactyly?

Syndactyly is the most common congenital hand deformity. Most commonly affecting the third and fourth web spaces of the hand, it involves the fusion of the skin or bones of the fingers. If the fusion of the fingers involves only the skin and soft tissues, the syndactyly is considered to be simple. If there is any bony fusion, the syndactyly is defined as complex. If the entire length of the fingers is fused, it is regarded as a complete syndactyly while a partial fusion is considered to be incomplete. A detailed physical examination as well as X-rays helps to classify the syndactyly.



Our surgeons are experienced in the management of children with syndactyly. Releasing the fused fingers is a delicate operation and often involves skin grafting. Our surgeons operate in local children’s hospitals to help ensure a safe and successful surgery. We care for both child and parent through the healing process.