“In January 2016, one of my family members had Dr. Salem Samraperform reconstructive surgery. From the consultation, the staff, the nurses at Bayshore Hospital, and Dr. Samra performing the surgery, our family was taken care of with care and kindness, professional expertise throughout. With Dr. Samra and his impressive medical knowledge, calm demeanor and compassionate bed-side manner, we had results that went far and above our expectations. All of the positive results we can say came from the performance in the operating room. Outstanding skillfulness and the best compliment is my family member is happy, comfortable, confident, and reconstructed as nature intended. If you are in a situation that you need any type of reconstructive surgery, please make an appointment with Dr. Salem Samra and the Samra Plastic Surgery. Thank you for taking care of us, Dr. Samra.”

Anthony M. Tobia

“I went to see Dr. Salem Samra after I had an injury to my hand. Making the appointment, the office staff was incredibly helpful and accomodating. When I went in for my appointment, everyone in the office was friendly and professional. The wait for the doctor to see me was not long at all, contrary to other doctors’ offices. Dr. Samra was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable. I have heard from others that he is great, which is why I came from a long distance away to see him, and I am so happy that I did. While I was there, I found out that he specializes in a number of different areas and will be looking to continue traveling to see him. It is hard to find a doctor that takes their time with you, but Dr. Samra really took his time and made sure I understood exactly what was going on with my hand. Thank you so much to the office for making me feel so comfortable.”


“Dr. Salem Samra provided excellent & timely emergency room service at Riverview Hospital, after I incurred an extensive forehead injury at a construction site. Dr. Samra’s bedside manner was very calming & reassuring. Most importantly, Dr. Samra’s reconstructive surgery was amazing – stitches out one week later, final bandage off two weeks after accident, leaving only a small mark, which is being treated with specific lotion & no sun. The staff at the Samra Group is excellent as well, my appointments were timely and the staff is professional & helpful. I am lucky Dr. Samra performed the surgery on me & highly recommend the Samra Group.”

Kevin Rogers

“Dr. Salem Samra is the most skilled and compassionate Surgeon that anyone could ever hope to have as their physician. My experience with Dr. Salem was both a joy and relief after many plastic surgeons said they couldn’t do the surgery that I needed. Dr. Salem explained in detail all of my options. His first option healed me in great preparation for my final surgery. His complex surgery removing a section of skin from my forearm and providing an artery and vein to my affected elbow has made me whole again!! I now work out four days a week and am stronger than before. Thank you Dr. Samra.”

William Smith

“Dr. Salem Samra took excellent care of our daughter who needed a minor surgery.
He had our complete confidence. We were more than pleased with our experience at Samra Plastic Surgery.”

Rosemary Spagnuolo Glancy

"Dr. Salem Samra was one of the best surgeons I have ever met. He took his time to explain the procedure and the recovery time. Salem and Samantha were thoughtful and very helpful during the office visits, which made each visit a enjoyable experience."

Peter Yuen