Polydactyly refers to having excess digits (more than 8 fingers and 2 thumbs). Many newborns are born with an extra digit or remnant of a digit which can be quite distressing to parents. The extra digit can be on the pinky-side or the baby may have an extra thumb.

Sometimes the extra digit can be a problem for function, sometimes it is just a cosmetic problem, but in either case, parents usually want the deformity addressed. Removing a supernumerary digit or digit remnant can involve a combination of excisional and reconstructive surgery and is best addressed by a hand surgeon with experience in dealing with congenital deformities of the hand.

Our Monmouth County surgeons are experienced in handling this particular congenital deformity of the hand and have done clinical research investigating the best treatment approaches. We offer surgical removal of the supernumerary digit and reconstruction of the hand.

Click the image below to read Dr. Salem Samra’s scientific article on polydactyly.

This is an example of Polydactyly with one of our patients.



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