Stenosing Tenosynovitis of the flexor tendons is also known as Trigger Finger, one of the most common problems of the hand. Tendons glide through a pulley system in each finger, similar to the way that a fishing wire glides through pulleys along a fishing pole. Just as this system keeps the fishing wire next to the pole, the tendons are held next to the bones of the finger, to prevent bowstringing of the tendon. Sometimes the tendons can become inflamed in areas, making it difficult for the tendon to easily glide past the pulleys, as in straightening or bending the fingers. When the swollen part of the tendon is forced through the pulley, the patient experiences a characteristic triggering sensation. Trigger finger can occur in any finger, however it is most common in the thumb or ring fingers.

Trigger finger is first treated with direct injection of steroids into the tendon sheath at our Monmouth County office. This is successful in a large number of patients. However, if this treatment is ineffective or if the patient has multiple fingers that trigger, surgical release of the pulleys is warranted. Long-term prognosis for cure is excellent.

View the trigger finger release procedure.

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