Introducing Resensation®

A new technique designed to potentially restore sensation after mastectomy.

When it comes to breast reconstruction, we often discuss the four “S’s”: size, shape, softness, and symmetry. Samra Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce our practice is now providing a fifth “S” – sensation – with a new technique called Resensation®.

Resensation is a highly advanced method of performing breast neurotization using allograft nerve tissue. The technique was developed by Axogen, a leader in surgical solutions for peripheral nerve injuries and discontinuities.

Resensation can be performed during any type of free flap breast reconstruction surgery, including both immediate and delayed procedures. Using the nerve allograft, we can now bridge the gap between the nerves in the free flap and nerves in the chest wall, potentially enabling sensory nerve regeneration and restoration of sensation in the new breast.

Why do women lose breast sensation after mastectomy?

During a mastectomy, the nerves that supply feeling to the breasts are severed when they remove the breast tissue. This typically leaves the chest area permanently numb.

How does losing breast sensation after mastectomy affect women?

Loss of breast sensation after mastectomy can have a negative impact on quality of life. Loss of breast sensation can affect body image and psychological health, as well as risk of injury. For many women, breasts they cannot feel do not feel like their own. With Resensation, women now have the potential to restore lost sensation in reconstructed breasts.

When exactly is Resensation performed?

Resensation is performed as an added step during free flap breast reconstruction. Resensation can be performed as part of an immediate reconstruction (at the same time as the mastectomy) or a delayed reconstruction (months or years after the mastectomy). In some cases, Resensation may be performed along with an autologous reconstruction as a revision to a failed implant reconstruction. You and your plastic surgeon can determine the right timing based on your desires, medical condition and cancer treatment.


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