I had a great experience with Dr. Asaad Samra with an abdominoplasty and hernia repair. The primary cause of my pain was Diastasis Recti, after 3 pregnancies. Before he helped me I was in constant back pain, I had gone to a chiropractor, used transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, had constant massage and used an inversion table. I could hardly walk with Sciatica pain.

His bedside manner made me feel very comfortable and his knowledge of the procedure put me at ease. Dr. Asaad Samra answered all questions, and was very friendly to me and my husband who was nervous about the procedure. His staff was great- they kept him in the loop during the surgery and the Dr. came out and talked to my husband immediately after and explained everything.

Post procedure I have no back pain or sciatica pain. What a great experience- I highly recommend.

Eileen M.