I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Asaad Samra. I had to have mohs surgery on three spots on my nose at my dermatologist. Given the severity of the wounds, I went to Dr. A to repair them since they were literally gaping holes. During our consultation, I appreciated that Dr. A gave me the best and worst case scenarios for what type of repair surgery may be needed. After he saw the wounds, he gave his suggestion of what he felt the best repair solution was, which was skin grafting, but not before making sure I was comfortable with it and that all my questions were answered. He is extremely attentive, knowledgeable, talented and honest. I am now 2 months out from my repair surgery and the results are incredible and better than I could have expected. To go from having huge gaping holes in your nose with exposed cartilage from skin cancer, to minimal scarring is something only Dr. A can do!! Amazing.

Bethany M.