My husband had a severe injury to his thumb.on January 16, 2020. We went through three doctors who did not know How to handle this type of injury which was very frustrating. Then we met Dr. Salem Samra. Who took total control of the situation handled. He handled my husband with compassion and care. And was very informative in what he was going to do for him. He sat down with both of us and explained every detail in It’s entirely. To make a long story short as time went by Dr. Samra in his professional wisdom decided because of the healing process that has been going on for these past weeks, he did not have to operate and proceed with the skin graft surgery as he originally planned. My husband and I were elated. We thanked him. We actually felt that there were other doctors that might’ve went right ahead and did the surgery anyway. Now the surgery Center staff were above and beyond with compassion and care very courteous and considerate of our feelings. But we didn’t feel the same about Drs office receptionist and staff cold and unfriendly Was our experience. Except for Samantha his medical assistant, she was sweet caring informative and friendly. We would certainly recommend doctor Salem Samra to anyone of our friends. E. S. A. S.

Eileen S.