This post is long overdue but the excitement about my results hasn’t faded one bit. After my toddler asked why I have “lines that look like roads” on my forehead, I went to Dr. Sal Samra for Botox and possible fillers. I’m no stranger to Botox but have been on the fence about fillers in my laugh lines and lips for years due to fear of looking like a Real Housewife. I decided to take the plunge and get it all, and I left feeling SO GOOD. The results were exactly what I wanted. For weeks (months!) I got constant compliments from friends, family, co-workers… but no one was able to put their finger on exactly what was different. I’m still surprised by how pleased I am with my own reflection.

Dr. Samra is precise, attentive, and thoughtfully conservative in his approach – everything I was hoping to find in a plastic surgeon. I highly recommend and can’t wait to go back.

Katie W.