Dr. Asaad Samra has been my doctor for a year now. I had to have a mastectomy and he has been my surgeon. I am very spectacle of doctors. He on the other hand has the sweetest smile and welcomes his patients openly. He listens to you and your points of view while making his choices about your surgery. I unfortunately did not heal well and had many surgeries. He stood right by me throughout the whole deal. His office always had time for appointments. Knew me by name and also treated me well. I never had to wait for my appointments, unless he had an emergency. His kindness and care are unbelievable. I do highly recommend Dr. Samra for anyone needing plastic surgery. His work is very good. I am actually sorry that I will be finishing up. He is one of the two doctors I would highly recommend. He can always make you smile, even when you’re in pain. Lastly, he welcomes your spouse as a part of the procedure. He works very hard to make your procedure look good. Bless you Doctor Samra.

Pattie L.