On July 11,2017 I tripped and took the brunt of my fall on the left side of my forehead. I was taken to Riverview Hospital. I was given a CT scan and it was negative. I had a very bad gash on my forehead and the ER doctor agreed that I needed to see a plastic surgeon. I was familiar with the Drs. Samra`s in Holmdel. I was taken right away and Dr. Salem Samra proceeded to repair first the muscles that were torn and then the wound itself. He was patient and slow with the procedure. He explained everything he was doing to help close the wound. I am amazed that after almost 4 weeks, there is barely a scar that is noticeable. I have had 2 follow up visits with him. His staff is professional, kind and unhurried. I am so grateful for his expertise in plastic surgery and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Nora T.