My father was referred to The Samra Group by his primary doctor. Dr. Asaad Samra, diagnosed him with Dupuytren’s Disease, which is an abnormal buildup of collagen that causes a rope-like cord to form in the palm of his hand. This disease caused his pinky and ring finger to pull inward and he could not straighten those fingers. I was worried about him having surgery as he is 79 years old. Dr. Samra explained to us that there was a new treatment, a medicine by the name of Xiaflex, which would be injected into his palm and no surgery was required. Stephanie from Dr. Samra’s office worked on getting the new medicine for my dad. We didn’t know it at the time, but my dad was the first patient from Dr. Samra’s office to try this medicine. Dr. Samra certainly knew what he was doing. The pharmaceutical representative (Jill) came to the doctor’s office to observe the injection and she was very helpful also. He went to the office yesterday and had it injected into his palm. The next day, we went back and the doctor snapped the cord and my dad’s finger was straight! There was minimal pain which 2 Aleve took care of. Dr. Samra did an excellent job and all of his office staff were so helpful and nice. They did everything from helping him with insurance and arranging for the medicine to making him comfortable during this procedure. Everything was explained clearly. I cannot stress how wonderful the staff and the doctor were. I, without a doubt, would recommend The Samra Group to everyone I know. Thank you Samra Group for fixing my dad’s hand!

Barbara C.