After years of taking care of others and putting my kids first I was finally able to take care of one of my biggest insecurities, where gravity had other plans with my breast and my nipples looking at other directions and sleeping on my back my breast would merge to my pits after a failed attempt at another plastic surgeon’s office I was not treated as a potential patient never follow up with me I spoke to a good friend of mine Mrs. Sassy Ortega that performed my permanent winged eyeliner & powder brows she had mentioned to me that she started working at the Samra group to call and get a consult I asked for the number researched the doctors and looked at there before and after photos & when I looked at Dr. Fares Samra’s Instagram I was sold I knew he was the Doctor I wanted to bring my sad girls back to life! I called scheduled my consult he was very detailed with me what I was looking for would require to be done in 2 stages to avoid any complications we first did the reduction with a lift after 6 months of healing and the swelling subsided I knew I was ready for round 2 which was a small implant for volume and fullness when I tell you I feel like my perky 15 year old self again before my 2 children Dr. Samra did that for me he’s met my expectations plus more! Many Thanks to Dr. Fares Samra and his Crew Sassy Ortega & Toniann Milano-Sciuto a team like this is hard to find I’m glad to be a part of Bodies by Samra! You will never be disappointed!

Gladys A.