My experience with Dr. Samra was nothing short of amazing. First of all, he has got to be the nicest, most compassionate and most informative doctor I have ever been to. Between my consultation and my procedure, he was with me for nearly 2 1/2 hours. He discussed every possible treatment for my specific needs, especially for the fact that I am nowhere ready to go under the knife (for sheer fear). We decided on Voluma which I am so very happy with. At first, we were just going to do one vial, because it is costly but I decided to get the second vial. Doing Voluma half was would have been pointless because I would have looked half deflated. He, in no way, pressured me into doing this especially because of the cost factor. It has been nearly 24 hours and I am extremely happy with my results so far. I had it administered in my cheek area and it has given me volume where over the years has depleted. I am a little swollen on the one side because that side was in need of more attention. I will never go to anyone but Dr. Samra in the future!!!!