I been a fan of Doctor Assad Saamra for couple of years now. I remember the first time l went to see Him it was before my 40th Birthday, l had broken the first eyes corners lines and It was the pushing time l needed on trying to get away of those parentese lines around my mouth that had appeared uninvited too!

So l searched as much as l could for reviews in doctors around me and l came across the Saamra Family. I called and asked for an appointment with Doctor A. when l went in and asked for his honest opinion in what he could do (without any surgery), to magically give me a few years back from the mirror. He was, hands on , the best in the business and did an excelIent job. Right there, l started my ‘cosmetic affair with Doctor A.’ From there on l had my first relationship with Ultherapy. I even brought my mother over when she came to visit me from overseas. A Year later l had a needle biopsy, followed by an infection and a Breast augummentation that was followed by more complications and personal dissatisfaction over the years getting worse , in a new consultation with Doctor Assad at the plastic surgery Side (this time), l explained my historical Breast drama and my expectations, he listened patiently and talked about couple of options. A month later, l had my surgery done and today post 7 weeks, l can say then I am completely pleased with my results and grateful to Doctor Assad. My sister, my Mom, my best friend are also impressed with the beautiful work and my husband is so happy too. Thank you Doc!

D. Dabrowski