thank youThank you @sassyarie_ortega @jeunessemedicalspa @saidsamramd for all you have done for me and so many survivors over the past 12 years of navigating through my battles with #breastcancer
As many survivors know being done with the chemo, radiation, treatments etc. doesn’t always mean you are actually “done”. There’s always something, whether it’s a side effect years later or complications from reconstruction or even mental trauma that’s been repressed, that pops later in life when you least expect…
I made the PERSONAL decision to have reconstruction 12 years ago well aware of the painful process and complications that could come with it.
While my initial surgery was not with @saidsamramd, I have been blessed to have met @saidsamramd and his amazing staff… who over the years have helped me in numerous ways to correct, replace and make me look and feel like I did before cancer.
Yesterday I celebrated five years of my last day of #radiation with @sassyarie_ortega who donated her time and amazing skills to #dayofhope2021 a day where permanent makeup artists all over the world come together to offer complimentary #micropigmentation services to local #breastcancer #survivors
If there has been any “up” side to this difficult journey, it has been the pleasure and blessing to meet kind, genuinely generous, humble people like this who just simply want to help others. They remind me that there is still Hope & Love in this world.
Thank you🎀💖
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