I rarely take the time to write reviews (except when it warrants a really bad one!) but Dr. Samra deserves a BIG shout out because I am over the moon about the results! History: I had a pretty bad experience ending in a poor result (delayed wound healing, lopsidedness and one under the muscle and one over the muscle) from a surgeon in 1999 which was slightly corrected by a different doctor in 2005. It was a very bad experience so I lived with the consequences for many years. I met Dr. Samra for the first time when I had filler and really liked his bedside manner. After finding out he was a plastic surgeon I later scheduled a consultation. Dr. Samra made major corrections to my surgical mess in 2014. He drastically reduced the scar tissue and the unevenness and we ‘upgraded’ from 350cc’s to 600cc’s. I say ‘we’ because Dr. Samra totally understood why I was unhappy and had solutions….we worked as a team considering his knowledge and concerns along with my wishes. I have been very happy since but spent the last year thinking about one final surgery to achieve a bigger size. I had no sagging whatsoever – so please understand there was no real need to do the surgery…. I just wanted it.