I am very happy with my experience with Dr. Samra. I have had plastic surgeries before and truly wish that I had found Dr. Samra earlier. Dr. Samra’s bedside manner is excellent. During the initial consultation, Dr. Samra answered all my questions patiently and caringly. I work in the medical field and I am very impressed by the thoroughness and depth of his knowledge, which is updated to the most recent literature. The fact he also works in hospitals performing much more complicated plastic surgeries makes me trust his skills and judgment.

My surgery was done beautifully. It takes both a surgeon and an artist to do a plastic surgery, and for me, Dr. Samra clearly did a wonderful job as both. Prior to the surgery, I communicated with Dr. Samra what kind of results I am hoping for, then I said “You are the expert. I will leave it to you.” Then he impressed me. My requests are fulfilled, and better than expected! Looking into the mirror now I am just, happy.

The beauty part is important, so are some other aspects. As I mentioned I work in the medical field and I have seen a lot of stitches. I also tend to have scars so I was kind of prepared for a lot of scarring. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I saw the nice and clean suture, which now is only one line, healing nicely – not much scarring at all!

The whole experience was great and totally worth it. I would also like to add the office staff are very helpful and made a lot of effort to arrange my surgery. The hospital care was also top of the line.

All in all, I highly recommend Dr. Samra, a great surgeon, and artist.


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