Breast reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer is never a pleasant experience mentally or physically. True statement for most but not so for me. Dr. Asaad Samra aka “Samra the Great” (dubbed so by myself????), is one of the most skillful, thoughtful, knowledgeable and caring plastic surgeons there is. His bedside manner is beyond impeccable. The care he takes in making sure that the decisions that are made are in your best interests is unbelievable. He encourages your input, considers your personal lifestyle and plans accordingly. I’ve done two procedures with him thus far. The first being the reconstruction immediately after bilateral mastectomy and the second was the final placement of the breast implants. For the first procedure, I had minimal pain and a very fast recovery. For the second procedure which was performed a few days ago, I have yet to take any pain meds and am very happy with the outcome. He and his staff have made this difficult journey literally and figuratively “pain-free” in my opinion and I am very grateful. This has been my experience with Dr. Asaad Samra. Who could ask for anything more?!!