My time with Dr. Asaad Samra began in 2015 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a plastic surgeon for reconstruction. I had heard of the Samra Group through a friend and thought that they were dermatologists due to what my friend used them for. To my surprise, Dr. Samra was a plastic surgeon and one that is compassionate and genuine. Every visit before and after surgery I felt like I was the only patient he had. He answered my many questions and made me feel comfortable. Fast forward to June of 2019 when I broke my pinky finger on my dominant hand and was told I needed a hand surgeon. I remembered that Dr. Samra’s brother was a hand surgeon and when I called the office and explained my need for a hand surgeon, I was told that I could see Dr. Asaad for this as well. It has been quite a ride for my finger to get to the point that I could have the surgery, but I had my tenolysis surgery in February and am so very happy with the results. The compassion and caring of not only the doctor, but of his staff is something you don’t often find. I tell people all the time that if they need a plastic surgeon they should think about going to see the Samra Group! Thank you for everything!!

Susan N.