I don’t write reviews very often but the treatment I received by Dr. A. Samra and his staff is worth commending.

I went to the office the day after I was unfortunately bitten in the face by a dog. I was told I needed several stitches at the emergency room. Although they were helpful, I knew from experience that the sutures they would apply would leave ugly scarring on my face. I inquired about a plastic surgeon and they referred me to Dr. A. Samra.

Upon arrival, the staff was extremely professional and compassionate about treating me. Dr. Samra was thorough in explaining what his procedure would be. The wounds on my face were jagged so I figured anything he could do would be better than emergency room sutures.

Dr. Samra began to work and upon completion, I was elated. He managed to close the wounds and blend them in and around my nostrils.

Dr. Samra and his staff are true professionals and I am very grateful.

G. Vega