I want to thank you for all your kindness and for taking such great care of me. While my journey is not complete, it is important to me to let you know the impact you have had on my recovery. For a cancer patient there are no perfect scenarios, there are no perfect moments, but in my mind’s eye my experience with you and your team is about as close to perfection as one can get. What makes it that way is a very simple, but often neglected element. You have not lost sight of the importance of the human connection in collaboration with the science of healing and cure. Battling cancer demands an effort of the heart as well as the mind. With your guidance, everything I have experienced during my care and treatment has provided the scientific answers to my questions, and the encouragement I need to move forward – a perfect blend of the heart and the mind.

I’m not sure how often you are aware of the degree and value your impact has undoubtedly had on your patients. But then again, perhaps this is what makes a good doctor – taking the time to invest in a patient’s trust, while all the while simply thinking that you are just doing your job. Every patient deserves an exceptional doctor. I thank you for your commitment to providing the BEST!

Linda W.