Dr. Patel was great and caring in my fears to have surgery due to my not wanting general anesthesia. I had a very large lipoma removed from my left shoulder. My highest level of praise goes to Dr. Patel for his excellent knowledge, skill, professionalism, compassion, demeanor, and ability to discuss my situation with him. My surgery went well as did my post-op appointments. Dr. Patel explained in detail what the surgery entailed as well as what will take place after my surgery with the drain and recovery period. Dr. Patel gave instructions on how to care for my incision. My incision is healing nicely. I highly recommend and give 5 stars to Dr. Patel and appreciate such skill in performing my surgery as well as receiving such diligent post-op care. Thank you, Dr. Patel, for your excellent expertise, bedside manner and follow up care. May the best be yours. I give Dr. Patel 5 stars. Thank you again. You are the best surgeon.

Yvonne M.