My 9-year-old daughter hit the sensitive area between her eyelids and her eyebrow with her knee while playing on a trampoline. It was a really deep gash. Dr. Samra was not in the office on that Saturday but graciously agreed to meet us there to see her. My daughter, having gotten stitches before, was really afraid. Thankfully, Dr. Salem has a magical way of dealing with children! He is so kind and comforting and extremely talented. Although she walked into the office afraid, she left the office skipping her way to the car as if she was leaving a carnival! Every time I look at my daughter’s face, I am so thankful I took her to Dr. Samra. You can barely see a scar.

Just a few months prior to this he had seen my son and did a phenomenal job stitching a big gash in his lower lip! Dr. Samra is simply amazing and I am forever thankful to him!