I’m getting emotional just thinking about how to express how I feel. I am BRCAI positive and I was opting for prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction. My breast surgeon highty recommended Dr. Fares Samra. I wasn’t going to use the Samra group tho once I found out they weren’t in network but Fares convinced me to hear him out. That day changed my life. He sat with me for 2 hours answering all my questions and concerns. I knew that day I had found the surgeon that was for me. Fares had recommend the DIEP Flap surgery which basically makes breasts out of my belly fat and arteries. I was sold. Then life happens and my husband got sick. I wanted to take the easy way out and just go to implants but Fares talked to me and told me to just wait it out and get the reconstruction that I truly wanted, and so I did. Fares and his staff had become like a second family. They helped me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. That conversation was filled with emotions and tough love, and I will be forever grateful. Now as far as my surgeries go, HOLY MOLY!!!! This man is the master of his trade. My breasts couldn’t possibly be more beautiful. My stomach is flatter than I’ve ever seen it. I am still healing but truly thank God every day that I took a chance heard what he had to say that day. I am forever grateful to Dr Samra and the whole Samra group.

Angela D.