Breast cancer runs in my family so after having the BRCA test I was discovered to be BRAC 2 postive. So I made the decision to take steps necessary to reduce my chances of breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Once this was over Dr Samra started his part and has helped me all the way through. He helped and educated both me and my husband through out the whole process to understand what we were going to encounter. Dr. Samra listed to everything I had to say and took this into consideration when chosen each course of action. Dr. Samra performed a double breast implant with a silk shelf, to ensure my new breasts were able to keep up with my active lifestyle. Both my husband and I were amazed that every visit at the office he made use feel like we were the only patients he had the whole day. My biggest advice that I would give anyone is follow what the he has to say. If he tell you to 6 weeks to heel don’t try and be superwoman and go back to normal life in two. Dr. Samra made this whole process as easy as possible both for me and my family. I would tell anyone who is consider this type of surgery or just a typical breast augmentation please go and see Dr. Samra!!!!

Erin H.