I do not even know where to begin! Dr. Assad Samra is by far the best in the business. Plastic surgery isn’t just about improving things that you feel may be flawed, it is much more than that. A great plastic surgeon can replace and reconstruct what you may have lost and essentially give you your life back by making you feel normal and restoring your confidence.

I am a late stage ovarian cancer survivor who then went through a double mastectomy. I had so many surgeries in a three year period and my breast reconstruction, for lack of a better word, was “botched”. I felt so defeated, was in pain every day and my breasts were so different and mobile that I felt there was a carnival on my chest. I lived like that for another three years.

I had an issue develop and I was recommended to Dr. Samra. I was immediately put at ease by the care and compassion given, not only by Dr. Samra, but his entire staff. I had made the decision to have the corrective surgery and it was the best decision I could have ever made! I had surgery in February 2021 and have been pain free ever since! My breasts match, they are placed correctly and I don’t have to stuff one of the cups of my bra anymore so I don’t look odd.

Dr. Samra not only is an amazing surgeon but he truly cares and helps you through your entire healing process. He told me about a website to visit to purchase comfortable bras for mastectomy patients and gave me a promo code to use! He also introduced me to a nurse who did nipple tattooing. Something I never thought about before because I had been so deformed.

Fighting cancer and going through a mastectomy is traumatizing enough, you don’t need the stress of not having the best doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Assad Samra I wish I would have found him first but so happy I found him. I cannot praise and thank him enough. Dr. Samra should definitely be your first choice for reconstructive surgery, you will not regret it

Cathy M