I had the Ultherapy treatment done by one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in New Jersey. Dr. Asaad Samra. Dr. Samra was and is a great surgeon. I could have never felt so comfortable as I felt during treatment with another surgeon for sure. Dr. Samra is very caring and for the most part, makes you feel like your one of his friends while doing the treatment. I had the Ultherapy done about a month ago, with Dr. Samra and I have seen minor results, however, can honestly say that it was worth it. Dr. A Samra is most definitely a surgeon I would go back to for further treatment and surgeries. He is a doctor, that takes his time, and makes sure that he answers all of your questions. With no doubt. Dr. A Samra is the surgeon for Ultherapy!

Steph O.