After being fit my entire life, I hit menopause and gained weight even though I was still working out and eating right. I had stubborn belly fat that would not go away. I tried everything, Zerona, Velashape, Tripolar and even though they did give me some results, the fat would come back. Then I read about Vanquish that gets rid of the fat cells permanently! I went to Doctor Assad Samra and he told me I was a perfect candidate for Vanquish. After being turned down by doctors for tummy tucks because I didn’t have enough I was thrilled to hear this! The procedure takes a half an hour per section, sections being lower abs, upper and then upper back and lower back. you do the section that you feel you need to do. I did all four and was so happy with the results. My back fat is gone, something I didn’t even realize was bad until I saw my before and after photos that he took. My lower tummy is stubborn so I am still going for treatments with improvements still being seen. I fit back into my jeans that I refused to toss, its been two years! Michele that is in the room with me while receiving the non-invasive totally painless procedure is very informative and will answer any more questions you may have about it, and very pleasant to work with! I have to say I am hooked on Vanquish and the Samra Group, and am patiently waiting for the thigh paddles to come so I can do my thighs! I don’t know why anyone would do coolsculpt, I have family members that did it prior to Vanquish coming out and they said it was painful and they were swollen and bruised after the procedure. With Vanquish there is no down time, no swelling no bruising, at least not for me! Vanquish is the best!